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Employee Spotlight - Cornell Clay

An Employee Spotlight on Cornell Clay

Cornell Clay headshot

In the bustling aisles of the Davenport Hy-Vee, one individual stands out as a shining example of exemplary customer service and unwavering dedication to his community. Meet Cornell Clay, the Store Manager at Hy-Vee at Rockingham Road in Davenport, whose impact extends far beyond the store's walls.

Beloved by both colleagues and customers alike, Cornell's infectious positivity and genuine care leave an indelible mark on all who interact with him. His commitment to spreading joy and lending a helping hand has earned him the esteemed title of one of Hy-Vee's Legendary Customer Service Award winners, a distinction reserved for individuals who exceed expectations and embody the core values of the company.

But Cornell's influence goes beyond exceptional service within the store. He actively engages in community outreach, leading initiatives such as food and diaper drives to support those in need. His selflessness extends to his fellow employees, as he goes above and beyond to ensure their well-being and support.

"Customers at Hy-Vee know just who to turn to when they need help. They'll find the helpful smile and exemplary customer service Hy-Vee is known for in Cornell Clay," remarked Eric Gharst, Hy-Vee's Regional Vice President.

Cornell's journey from a cashier to store manager exemplifies his dedication and leadership within the company. Customers often seek him out by name, knowing they will receive unparalleled assistance and care.

Cornell's recognition as a Legendary Customer Service Award recipient is a testament to his embodiment of Hy-Vee's values of integrity, compassion, and selflessness. His unwavering commitment to uplifting others serves as an inspiration to his colleagues and the community at large.

As Cornell continues to make a difference, one smile and act of kindness at a time, he epitomizes the essence of Hy-Vee culture.