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Employee Spotlight - Jimmy Gibney

An Employee Spotlight on Jimmy Gibney

Meet Jimmy Gibney, a valued member of the Hy-Vee family at Wilson Avenue in Cedar Rapids. Adopted from Mexico at the age of five, Jimmy's journey is marked by his unwavering commitment to spreading kindness and making a difference in the lives of others.

From his earliest years, Jimmy demonstrated a heart for giving back, as his mother Lisa fondly recalls. Even as a child, he showed remarkable generosity, giving away his schoolbooks to classmates in need.

Jimmy's compassion extends beyond his childhood memories. As a courtesy clerk at Hy-Vee, he embodies the company's values of service and community engagement. Connie Heidemann, the store's human resource manager, praises Jimmy's work ethic and willingness to help anyone in need.

But Jimmy's impact reaches far beyond the aisles of Hy-Vee. His dedication to community service has earned him recognition on KCRG-TV's "People Who Care." Whether he's ringing bells for the Salvation Army or sponsoring a child to attend Camp Courageous, Jimmy's kindness knows no bounds.

Camp Courageous holds a special place in Jimmy's heart. As a child, he experienced the joy and camaraderie of the camp firsthand, and he's determined to ensure that others have the same opportunity. Through his sponsorship and support, Jimmy is spreading hope and happiness to children with disabilities, making a lasting impact on their lives and the lives of their families.

At Hy-Vee and beyond, Jimmy Gibney is more than just an employee; he's a beacon of hope and compassion. We're proud to have him as part of our team, spreading joy and making a difference every day.